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It's Eric Gurt writing - an independent Flash game developer who made games like Plazma Burst series.

This is a website where I will show the most important information related to my released, new, announced projects and any news related to me as a game developer.
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These are some of major news related to my game projects:
January 30, 2021 - Star Defenders 2D (demo)
Star Defenders 2D demo. Unfinished project that has somewhat different approach compared to my Plazma Burst series, mostly focused around larger worlds and higher player count. Implements multiplayer with server-side logic.
July 9, 2018 - Star Defenders 3D (demo)
Star Defenders 3D demo. Unfinished project featuring unusual camera movement, randomly generated voxel world and peer-to-peer multiplayer. Did it for tests for the most part. Maybe you'll find it interesting?
April 29, 2014 - Dead Drunk 1.9
Dead Drunk game has been updated, now it's version 1.9! Featuring multiplayer and few improvements including new abilities and storyline length.
July 16, 2013 - Plazma Burst 2 got big update!
We recently updated game, site, servers and official forum has been added. Enjoy!